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Are you ready to move on, get clarity, and find happiness?

Coaching is about moving from where you are now (confused/overwhelmed/lost) to where you want to be (calm, centered, joyful, focused with a purpose). As your personal coach, I help you to get clear about your situation, take control wherever possible, make sense of the where you are in life, regain your strength, and redefine who’d like to be, and what your new life looks like. Together we outline the steps to get you there, and along the way, I am your guide, support system, sounding board, and champion.

Hi! I'm Jessica, Your Relationship Coach

I am very proud of you for taking the first step toward recognizing that you deserve an opportunity to experience authentic happiness and complete emotional freedom in all your relationships – especially the one with yourself.  My journey has nurtured my passion to help men and women navigate the emotional obstacles and difficulties in relationships, breakups, and divorce. 

Relationships must always be nurtured to thrive and deliver new joy and enrichment every day. I work with couples and individuals to set sail for a bright future while developing the skills and tools to help them weather all storms life places in their paths. We will embrace the reality of where you currently are, visualize the goals you want to achieve, create the map for you to follow, and then focus on directing all your efforts and energy on your journey. We will concentrate on breaking the chains which hold you back so you may walk your life fulfilling path in peace. 

We sometimes end up on a path that creates a feeling of being paralyzed in the dark, unsure which direction to go and how to get light back into our lives. Divorce can feel like that for many people, whether we chose this path, or it is chosen for us.  You do not, and should not, have to feel scared and alone.  As a divorce attorney and certified divorce mediator for over 10 years, I understand and empathize with the emotional rollercoaster you are riding and how the divorce process makes life feel out of control.  As your Coach, I will help you navigate the volatile waters of lawyers, courtrooms, and legal jargon, which at times can become part of the reason you feel paralyzed in the dark. Together, we will empower you to become a strong advocate for yourself as you write the new chapter in your life that ideally meets your personal values while allowing you to reclaim your life, your individuality, and your voice. As your Coach, I am your non-judgmental, neutral pillar. 

As I stated relationships need to be nurtured. When I say relationships, I mean all relationships…even when the romantic commitment has ended, and we need to shift into co-parenting roles when children are involved in the breakup. This is usually not an easy transition for either parent but is crucial for the children to flourish and thrive in their new relationships.  As your Coach, I will help you find the necessary common ground that may feel impossible to find and discover the tools needed to work together in your newly formed relationship as co-parents. We will navigate through the difficult transitioning period and arrive at a new relationship that will meet each parent’s goals. 

My Expertise

Divorce Coaching with Jessica offers a bridge from the insanity of your current circumstances to an enjoyable and rewarding life.


Individual and Couples


The Background and Experience To Get You To The Next Chapter

When searching for the right voice to help guide you through the darkness of divorce, it helps to have someone who understands the frustrations of the process, the stresses of divorce litigation, and the rollercoaster ride that attorneys and the courts will take you on. That is why it is vitally important to have me in your corner to help you get to the next chapter. I have the background and experience as a divorce attorney so I can honestly empathize with the emotions, frustrations, and fears that divorce brings, and that contentious litigation adds. 

I have over 12 years of experience as a divorce and family law litigator and divorce mediator. My vast knowledge of the courts, attorneys’ tactics, and the matrimonial law process provide me with a wealth of understanding which allows me to be the best equipped to help guide you through the storm in writing YOUR next chapter. My life coaching will help you get more organized in thought, reach your goals, and soar into your new future. 

I have seen what brings couples to points of no return throughout their divorce proceedings. Meeting and working with me during individual coaching sessions, or as couples in relationship coaching, I will help you envision and create the next chapter of strength and connection in your relationships.

My experience and enlightening coaching session are the pen you need to write your next chapter. 

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